THE CEO BAG – Chic, Elegant & Organized

C&G is proud to offer a very special, unique product called the CEO Bag. The concept for the bag originated as a wedding gift idea for the founder’s best friend, a busy bride on-the-go, when she was getting married. It was imagined as a photo book with handles that is chic and elegant, as well as organized and practical. It exhibits a modern, feminine twist on the more masculine briefcase. Why compromise style for functionality? With the CEO Bag you can have both and you will literally be chic, elegant and organized!

It is appropriately named the “CEO Bag” because it helps the bride succeed as CEO of her big day and places all the important information at her fingertips in carefully designed compartments. It has customizable tabs for every wedding category, from vendors to accessories. It can house files and contracts in its convenient 3-ring binders, and even comes equipped with a built-in tool station with everything from a tape measure to a hole puncher ready to go!

When unzipped, the bag lays completely flat, creating an instant workspace. On the left is a fully equipped tool station featuring an assortment of storage and planning tools—pens, pen loops, highlighters, scissors, a stapler, a tape measure, a 3 ring hole punch, a calculator and Post-its™. Directly behind the tool station is a large accordion-style pocket for storing file folders or magazines. The interior spine has three 2″metal binders with 15 dividers with customizable tabs for labeling the sections, business card holders and plastic CD/DVD holders. Behind the divider section on the right interior of the bag, there is a fitted area for a pre-punched letter-sized pad of paper for note taking.

Want to bring extra makeup and an emergency kit for your big day? No problem! The front of the bag hosts a large pocket for additional storage. Need to check something last minute that requires a screen bigger than your smartphone? Piece of cake! The back of the bag contains a padded section for secure storage of a laptop or tablet.

In the midst of hectic wedding planning, before and on the day of, you can feel confident that if the only thing you remember to bring is your CEO Bag, everything will be smooth sailing!

You can get your very own CEO bag here.


C.E.O. Bag Features

  • Durable yet fashionable micro fiber exterior with animal-friendly patent leather trim.
  • Animal-friendly patent leather handles are adjustable and removable.
  • Front compartment of bag unzips for easy storage of cell phone, keys, wallet, pens, pencils, etc.
  • Compartment also is detailed with a pocket for easy and fast storage of papers and small items.
  • Along the back of the bag is a large pocket perfect for holding the morning’s paper or larger documents.
  • Smooth zipper opens easily and allows bag to lie completely flay when unzipped
  • 19 ecru pocket folders with customizable tabs come with your purchase.
  • Laptop computer compartment which doubles as a “catch all” if the computer stays at home. It’s padded for safety and has a safety strap to keep it in place. It also has a pocket for file folders, magazines or other documents.
  • Integrated tool-kit includes compartments filled with the following tools: scissors, tape measure, stapler, pens/highlighters, calculator, and Post-Its. Each compartment is detailed in the patent material and camel stitching.
  • Working well with 2″ 3-ring binder.
  • Binder includes business card holders, CD/DVD holders, and plastic zippered compartments for loose items such as fabric or tear sheets.
  • Bag is approximately 18.5” wide, 13.5” tall and roughly 5” thick.